People Ashore

The company’s executives and key personnel ashore represent a cohesive team of highly qualified, very experienced, well educated, specialized and strongly aspired professionals. 
The company’s employees work constantly together to offer immediate and complete support to the vessels and their crews. Through an integrated system of effective interdepartmental communication and cooperation the employees have been able to build up the team spirit necessary to undertake complicated projects, to handle intricate problems, to promote safety and to improve operational efficiency.
Personal initiative, original ideas, innovation and respect for the individual are some of the key elements that have helped us establish excellence in performance.



People at Sea

The company’s workforce at sea has the toughest of jobs. It is their skill and hard work that will ensure the efficient and safe use of our Principals’ vessels. It is the seafarers’ competence and experience that will ensure the prompt and safe transportation and delivery of the cargoes.  It is their professional ability, judgment, self discipline, dedication and composure that avoids endangering ship, crew, cargo and the marine environment. 
New recruits are carefully selected and undergo, along with experienced crew members, an extensive and continuous training program. Our people ashore endeavour to maintain a friendly, cooperative relationship with the company’s seafarers; doing so ensures seamless communication and excellent cooperation.