Millenia Maritime Inc.s' human resources are our real asset and we believe in ensuring the best possible working environmet, both at sea and ashore.

Millenia Maritime Inc. aims to establish a clear career path for each employee by allowing a choice of a shore or sea based career.

We believe that training, education, career development and retention of each employee are essential to successful operations. The company endeavours to provide comprehensive education and training programs so that its seafarers can meet statutory and Millenia’s mandatory training requirements with the opportunity to proceed with their careers.

The Cadetship program, is the company’s cornerstone for its sustainability thru future challenges; it is the steady pool of future growth and constantly emerging officers.

Millenia Maritime Inc. enjoys an open, informal and international working atmosphere. We pride ourselves in providing an environment that encourages professional and personal development and gives room for ambitions.

Millenia Maritime Inc.’s values are integral to the way we do business. We are always on the lookout for qualified employees with the right mindset which fit our core values. Crewing department’s target setting is reflected through the company’s management system.

Millenia Maritime Inc.’s crewing management system is one of the company’s most thought out and comprehensive procedures.  The company has invested a lot of resources and time to create and maintain this ystem.

Millenia Maritime Inc. values the human element, within its scope of operations, as being the most important of all factors. Millenia through its recruitment offices, is selecting, providing and recruiting competent, properly qualified crew for its vessel. The company’s crewing department is also arranging for the training of these seafarers, while looking after their constant updating on the industry’s new developments. This is done by arranging special seminars and training sessions, thus updating officers and crews on the latest regulations and technical innovations, while constantly monitoring the crew’s performance.